Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bib Number Excitement

Bib Numbers are up!!

This simple bit of news can send shivers of excitement through even the most jaded and experienced of runners.  Perhaps it's one of the first indications that "Yes, this race is REALLY happening!"

The news this week that Boston marathon bib numbers have been posted set messageboards alive with runners posting their new identifiers - "Look for me, I'm bib# 10258!".  It seems a bit silly, but I suppose we all have our own superstitions about bibs and the numbers.
  •  it can be extremely important that your bib contains as many instances of your favourite number as possible
  • even if it doesn't, some simple math can help you out (bib# 914 - let's see .. 9 minus 1 divided by 4 equals 2 - my lucky number!)
  • certain significant bib #'s are certain to draw attention - I once received the prestigious "666"
  • in seeded or corralled races the receipt of a lower bib# means your hard work has paid off with an earlier wave or starting position - something you can wear with pride!
  • for the bibs themselves, those with cross-country backgrounds will likely crumple up their bibs as part of their pre-race ritual.  Aerodynamics, you know.

So tell us about your race bib superstitions and rituals.  I bet you're not alone.

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